Amany has been a participant in Heya Masr program both in level 1 and level 2.

What we have noticed about Amany that she has a lot of dreams on her list and very ambitious. She is always on a self-discovery journey. The most thing she liked in herself was her self-discipline. We also we notice how she keep repeating her dream out loud to be a civic lawyer to defense the weak women as she describes them.  Amany is very strong and brave young girl, she is very eager to learn more and sees it as the most important thing to her.

In level one, she was very outspoken about her dream to be a civic lawyer, so during the graduation for that level, we made sure to invite a role model, a female civic lawyer who came and had encouraging words to her and the rest of the class.  The purpose was to have her see a real role model who has fought for their dreams too and achieved.

Amany was looking forward to the 2nd level of our program. However, she did face a challenge right before the start. Her family wanted her to stay home and no longer attend school or attend Heya Masr. It was a big obstacle to overcome. She was about to break, but she refused to give in.  She was taught well in level one of our program to stand up for herself and stay strong.   Her father wanted her to stay home and get married just like her older sister. However, she applied what she has learned and sit with her father, explained her point of view and discussed with him why it is important for her to finish her education. Her father couldn’t resist her persistence and eagerness and agreed to let her finish her education and continue level 2 and 3 of Heya Masr.

Some of the important tools we equip our participants with are effective communications, effective listening, and time management. Amany as a result of her love to our program and after overcoming her challenge with her family. She started advertising about our program in the community, by talking with her friends and neighbors. She even went to some of the organizations in the community and told them about what has she has learned.  Amany was successful  in granting our team an interview with one of the organizations who agreed to welcome our program as part of their effort within the community.

We teach our participants how to discover their dreams and how to hold on to it. Amany did just that. She found her dream and overcome the challenges she faces and now she is on her journey to achieve her dream of being a civic n lawyer and started by making sure that each girl in the community aware of Heya Masr program and  have the chance to be part of it.

In a self-written letter to herself, Amany wrote: ” I am love in with your persistence to be a lawyer, and I am very proud of myself”

We can’t be even prouder of her too. This is Amany, this is Heya Masr (She is Egypt)


أمانى عندها أمانى و طموحات كبيرة و دؤبة على انها تكتشف نفسها و مهاراتها و أهم قيمة حباها فى نفسها الالتزام و من صفاتها التعاون و نفسها تبقى محامية علشان تدافع بيها عن الستات الضعفاء و تجيب حقهم أمانى بنت قوية و شجاعه و تعليمها اهم حاجه فى حياتها امانى هى أمانى هى مصر .
خلال المستوى الاول للبرنامج أكتشفنا ان امانى ملتزمة جدا و كانت مكافئة برنامج هى مصر ليها و تشجيعها اننا استضافنا نموذج للبنت المصرية القوية لتعزيز حلمها و هى انها تبقى محامية حقوقيه، و كان الهدف ان أمانى تشوف قصص نجاح لبنات زيها قدروا يكافحوا و يدوها امل لبكرة. أمانى استنت المستوى التانى من برنامج هى مصر بامانى و صفات جديدة عاوزة تكتسبها، لكن اول تحدى ليها قبل المستوى التانى ان أهلها كانوا رافضين تكمل تعليمها و تكمل معانا فى البرنامج.

أمانى كانت قربت تتهزم و تستلم لرفض أهلها لكن لأن أمانى اكتسبت صفة الشجاعه و المواجهه فى المستوى الاول من البرنامج فا طبقتها مع باباها اللى كان رافض جدا انها تخرج من البيت و تكمل تعليمها علشان تتجوز زى اختها الكبيرة، لكن اتناقشت معاه و واضحت رفضها لقراره و انها مصرة تكمل تعليمها و تكمل المستوى التانى من برنامج هى مصر و قصاد اصرارها الكبير وافق أنها تكمل تعليمها.

العناصر الاساسية للمستوى التانى لبرنامج هى مصر ( التواصل و الاستماع الفعال و إدارة الوقت) بعد ما خلصت أمانى الجزء الاول من البرنامج و مرورها بتحدى مهم فى حياتها و هى رفض أهلها أنها تكمل تعليمها، قررت امانى أنها تتطوع مع المبادرة بتاعتنا فى (الدعاية و التسويق) بشكل بسيط و بدأت حمله الدعايه بأنها تنشر عن المبادرة بتاعتنا و اتكلمت مع أصحابها فى المنطقة اللى ساكنة فيها عن اهداف المبادرة و اتكلمت مع الجمعيات اللى بتقدم خدمات مختلفه فى المنطقة علشان تحكيلهم عن المبادرة و عن أهدافها و تشجعهم انهم يطبقوا البرنامج بتاعنا عندهم و فعلا قدرت تاخد موافقه من جمعية فى انها تتقابل معانا علشان نعرض اهداف برنامج هى مصر و نطبقة مع بنات تانيه.

من اهداف المبادرة بتاعتنا اننا نوصل بكل بنت لبناء شخصية إيجابية و تفضل متمسكه بحلمها لغايه لما توصل فى النهاية لتحقيق هدفها و امانى قدرت انها تواجه اول تحدى ممكن يوقفها عن تحقيق هدفها وقدرت تكسره و دلوقتى بدأت أمانى اول خطوة فى تحقيق حلمها و بقى هدف امانى انها تخلى كل بنت فى المنطقة اللى ساكنه فيها أنهم ياخدوا نفس التدريب اللى هيا أخدته فى (هى مصر).

الجواب اللى كتبته أمانى ل هى مصر : ( من أمانى ل أمانى . بحب فيكى اصرارى بانى أكون محامية و نشيطة و انا فخورة بنفسى).
هى دى امانى هى مصر.


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