Activities Details and Timeline

Here you will find up to date information on our progress and a timeline for all Heya Masr activities.

Summer 2014: Participated in IGMADI** events 4 & 5 and the Egyptian Cancer Society’s Pink Party.

August 2014: Finalized tri-level program curriculum in Character Development.

Fall 2014: IGMADI, UN Women “Women’s Empowerment” event.

October 2014: Conducted 3-day volunteering training in anticipation of the launch of the pilot program.

November-December 2014: Pilot program measurement and assessment and class graduation.

Feb 2015 Participated in Egy runner running in support of the Egyptian women anti-harassment event.

March 2015 Participated in Amal fundraising event to support the initiative.

August 2015: Conducted 2-day volunteering training in anticipation of launch of new classes.

August – Sept 2015: In class training for new volunteers, Ongoing.

Egyptian Streets

Past and Ongoing Classes 

Educate-Me Class 1, Level 1: Launched pilot program in collaboration with Educate-Me. Graduated 12 girls (completed) October-December 2014.

Educate-Me Class 2, Level 1: Launched a second class and graduated 12 girls. February to mid-May 2015. (completed)

Establ Anter Class 1, Level 1: Launched our first class with collaboration with Tawasol.  Graduated 12 girls.Jan 2015 to End Mid May. (completed)

El Maniyal Class 1, Level 1  In cooperation with the Youth and Sports Ministry, kicked-off Heya Masr Program at El Mabara orphanage for girls. Graduated 18 girls. Spring 2015  (completed)

Establ 3anter, Class 1, Level 2: Coaching 15 girls, class Aug – Oct 2015. Ongoing.

Manshiet Nasar Class 1, Level 1:  Launched our first class with collaboration with Nebny coaching 15 girls, Sept 5th – Dec 2015. (completed)

El Mabara Class 1 Level 2: Coaching 18 girls, mid-September – Dec 2015. (completed). 

Establ 3anter, Class 2, Level 1:  Launched out the second classCoaching 15 girls, class October – December 2015. (completed).

Ruwward for development  Level 1: Coaching 18 girls, Feb- June 2016. (completed). 

Establ 3anter, Class 1, Level 1:  Launched out the first boys classCoaching 15 boys, class October 2016 – Feb 2017. (completed).

Ruwward for development  Level 2: Coaching 18 girls, Feb 2017. (Ongoing). 

Establ 3anter, Class 1, Level 2:   Coaching 15 boys, class March 2017. (Ongoing).

Establ 3anter, Class 3, Level 1:   New classCoaching 15 girls, class March 2017(Ongoing)

Educate ME, Class 2, Level 1:  New classCoaching 15 girls, class April 2017(Ongoing)

Heya Masr هى مصر Self Defense Program
Heya Masr هي مصر Character Building program

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