Samah, from total silence to leading by example.

Samah is eleven years old. She live in slum. She suffered from a lot of problems. She lacked self-confidence and had a low self-esteem. We observed how she was so shy, silents, and not expressing herself even when she didn’t understand during class.  We noticed, how angry she gets due to her hiding all her feelings. In some situations all of the sudden, she cries without saying anything or giving a reason, then she keep silent.  She was not participating in any activities, we beleived she was suffering from depression. She didn’t trust herself to speakup not cared for hey apperance.  Her lack of confidence didn’t help to learn.

Our approach with Samah is to always encourage her to speak up. We showed her love and appreciation even when she was silent.  After 12 weeks, slowly. Samah started to become more expressive and share her thoughts. Our program has a build in problem-solving activities which in turn helped Samah to start to find a solution to help herself and others.

Our program has weekly challenges, in one of those weeks, the challenge was about eating healthy food based on what the girls learned in class and then share in class about the vitamins in this food. Samah surprised us when she took on the initiative to do something for her classmates.  She prepared a healthy breakfast for all the girls in class as an application for healthy meals and explained to them the type of vitamins in this food. We were so happy to see this progress in her. We then felt that Samah gained her confidence and started to trust herself to participate and express herself with others.

another 12 weeks passes in class, we seen more change. We believe, Samah has a new life where she trusts herself more then ever before. We are looking forward to the next few months as we are starting a 3rd level class where Samah will be part of. We will update you of the changes that take place in her character and her behaver. We are confident that Samah will grow to be stronger young woman with the help of our program. We are so pleased with the outcome we seen in Samah.

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