Volunteer Monitoring and Evaluation professional (10-15 hrs)


Heya Masr is currently looking for a volunteer Monitoring and Evaluation experienced professional to help us review and refresh our M&E efforts. We are looking for someone willing to spend 10-15 hours of commitment over 30 days to join a task force that is reviewing this to bring experience and fresh perspectives. 

Interested in helping and joining the team, applicants should send their CVs to Heya Masr Info@HeyaMasr.org


Interviews will be held ASAP! 

The recent political and social climate in Egypt has further amplified the struggles of girls and young women in Egypt as they attempt to break the boundaries and rise above cultural barriers.
Heya Masr (She is Egypt) was founded by Moody Demetry, who envisioned an organization that can provide opportunities for Egyptian youth, females especially, to proactively and consciously decide their own destiny. He established Heya Masr to equip girls with the knowledge and skills to challenge and change an environment that stumps their growth and potential. The organization is currently driven by a team of passionate volunteers with backgrounds in youth, gender, health, human rights and social services.


Heya Masr is a volunteer-based registered social non-profit organization with a mission of restoring a sense of dignity and pride in young Egyptian women (ages 8-18). We provide a nurturing safe environment where we deliver nutritional healthy lifestyle techniques, character development activities, sexual harassment awareness and self-defense strategies. As a result of that, we build their self-confidence and empower them mentally and physically to develop and strengthen their character from the ground up.Heya Masr is empowering a young generation of girls now for a better Egypt tomorrow.

Heya Masr targets young middle-class and disadvantaged women in the Egyptian society. Our goal is achieved through organizing self- sustaining, community-based programs focused on character development through educational classes on nutritional wellness, harassment awareness, and self-defense. These programs are being held in partnership with local organizations, schools, and youth centers to empower the teen women to grow into stronger, more hopeful and effective members of society.

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