Yasmine is a Corporate Banker with a passion for sustainable development and female empowerment. She volunteers as part of our core team in Heya Masr, as both a Program Manager and Lead Trainer. Yasmine successfully and diligently manages teams of volunteers in several Heya Masr’s classes in partnership with several organizations like Educate Me Egypt and 7 Crafts. Yasmine brings along several years of volunteering experience, topped with her passion and dedication; making her an active and diligent member ever since she joined our team in March 2017.  She brings passion to the team with her positive energy and attitude. She is always willing to help and support the team in all aspects. She impacted girls in each class she led and motivated them to find the confidence they were missing.  It is a delight to work alongside Yasmine. She will support your vision, give you feedback and stays until seeing goals accomplished. Yasmine, If she’s not busy working or volunteering, you’ll find Yasmine immersed between the pages of a good book or on top of the highest mountains.