Last week, the online magazine BECAUSE conducted a quick interview with our founder, Moody Demetry. The interview was focused on our work to date and accomplishments achieved by the Heya Masr team.  Moody also spoke about his passion to help the poor and underprivileged. He stated his belief in Egyptian women and how they are the…

Our Core Belief!

Moody’s sole belief is that impacting girls during adolescence will impact the future of Egypt for generations to come, making the girls – and Egypt – stronger, stable, more confident, and independent.

“Egyptian women must believe in themselves and know they are transformational agents” ~ Moody Demetry , Founder and Director


Interview with the founder by Youm7!

Today, the popular newspaper el Yooum7 in Egypt was covering Heya Masr class graduation. Our graduation was held for a class of girls whom attended 40 hours of training on character development, nutrition and healthy habits. In addition, they learned all about harassments and bullying. They were also trained on self-defense. The celebration was conducted with the…